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Meet Lucas

Lucas grew up in Fresno, California, where he met his wife Shara in 10th grade. Lucas and Shara moved to Utah and were married in 1994. Lucas graduated from Salt Lake Community College with his ADN. He furthered his education receiving his Bachelor's of Nursing from the University of Utah, while working in the CCU at LDS Hospital.

Lucas and Shara moved their family back to Fresno where he received a Master's of Nursing from Fresno State. When his youngest son was diagnosed with autism, Lucas' professional focus shifted away from cardiology and toward providing medical care for children with autism. 

In 2011 Lucas and Shara moved their family back to Utah, living specifically in House District 58 since 2015. Their children have been involved in many academic and extracurricular programs offered at various public and charter schools within the Alpine School District area.

Lucas first ran for the Utah House in 2020. While Covid-19 affected the campaign’s ability to reach the community in person, Lucas appreciated the connections he was able to make. He is running again because he believes that every voter should have options on their ballot. Lucas is committed to listening to the voices of his community and recognizes diversity makes us stronger as a state.

Lucas is a board certified nurse practitioner, working in healthcare since 1992. His wide variety of healthcare experience will assist him in serving people and solving problems in the Utah State Legislature.

Since 2019, he has completed three 1/2 marathons and plans on running his first marathon in San Francisco in 2023. Lucas and Shara have been married nearly 30 years and have four children.

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