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I should represent you because I am committed to confronting the root issues of our community, instead of treating the symptoms. This will bring about lasting healing to our state. As a nurse practitioner, I do this everyday for my patients. I am ready to do this for Utah. I am inspired by the way my district values family and community. I want to take these values and share them with legislators at Capitol Hill, so the entire state can benefit.


Health Care

Address Our Individual Needs

As a nurse practitioner, I see first hand patients making difficult choices regarding their healthcare. Too often patients are forced to focus on the costs of prescriptions and copays instead of prioritizing their health and wellbeing. Although we enjoy great healthcare systems here in Utah that provide us with quality care, we need to make sure we're doing all we can to decrease costs and increase access. 

In my experience, the best way to decrease healthcare costs is to focus on prevention. As our country ages, we often address the needs of our elderly population. While this is important, we need to make sure that we don't ignore the needs of the upcoming generations. Proper nutrition and exercise habits should be encouraged in our schools, homes, and communities, so that our children can grow into healthy adults.


Prepare For A Better Future

The solution to improving education in Utah is not an increase of spending, but changing how money is spent. As a state, we need to prioritize valuing teachers who dedicate their lives to bettering our children and our community. With an increase of students with learning disabilities or other individual needs in schools, it is vital that we allocate enough resources and research into providing alternatives routes of success for each and every Utah child.

Because of the economic strain Utah is experiencing due to the coronavirus, the state is looking at cutting funding from education. Local education budgets should be protected and our schools shouldn't have to worry about how they're going to find the money to teach our kids. 


The Environment

Preserve Our Natural Beauty

Utah is a beautiful state with a variety of landscapes to enjoy. Since we have been blessed with such beauty, it is essential that we prioritize preserving this state for the generations after us. We must use our resources in a responsible way, ensuring we keep the future of Utah in mind.

Considering this responsibility, we can still take advantage of the economic benefits our resources can bring. With proper regulations and local involvement, we can ensure Utah's resources are being protected, as well as utilized for economic growth.

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