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People Before Politics

What Does People Before Politics Look Like?

Elected officials carry the responsibility of working hard to protect the rights of their constituents. Each Utahn has unique political and social priorities, and as their Representative, I will work to amplify their voices. People before politics means that I believe it is our duty to set aside our differences to create a Utah that respects and empowers everyone who chooses to live here. Compassion needs to have a bigger role in politics and in our lives. Click "Read About It" to see an article about each issue relevant to Utah today.

LGBTQ+ Rights

I support:

  • Patients rights for access to treatment options, such as HRT

  • Banning the use of the "Gay Panic Defense"

  • Increased initiatives to address the LGBTQ+ youth mental health crisis

Medical Cannabis

I support:

  • Further expansion of acceptable diagnoses for use of medical cannabis

  • Using medical cannabis can be used as a viable alternative option for treating the opioid epidemic

Black Lives Matter

We need to recognize the reasons Black Lives Matter is in the spotlight. Racial discrimination affects all of us, even here in Utah. ​

​I support:

  • Amplifying BIPOC voices

  • Examining police reform options

Second Amendment

I support:

  • The right to bear arms

  • More firearms safety training

  • Closing the gun show loophole

Supporting Families

I support:

  • Protected parental leave

  • Affordable access to contraceptives

  • Comprehensive sex education

People Before Politics: Issues
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